Multi-currency IBAN - Business Account

Multi-currency IBAN | Bank account for your business

We can provide you with a Multi-currency IBAN account for your business, through one of our banking partners. Our services are for all customer industries including high-risk business and startups that normally don’t get approved for a bank account. The provided IBAN will be a single account number with the option to send and receive in over 28 currencies, through the SEPA and SWIFT network. We are the solution for you if you’re in need of a bank account without any hassle.

Services include:

  • Single multi-currency account (IBAN)
  • Your IBAN is allocated through a secured and licensed partner
  • 28 currencies to receive and send from the same account.
  • Foreign exchange options for all currencies
  • Fully working business account
  • Payment processing through SEPA & SWIFT Network
  • Easy API integration.
  • Option for partners to get a Whitelabel solution for reselling
  • Your funds are secured according to EU regulations
  • Clear and efficient AML checks for Fast Clearing (SEPA Instant)